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Hailun HG178 Acoustic Grand Piano


Includes Quality Adjustable Stool, Tuning and Nationwide Delivery.

The 5 ft. 10 in. Hailun HG 178 Grand Piano has a rich tone. This piano is built with pride and attention to details. Its warm tones will please students, teachers and performers, and is ideal in a home or studio environment.

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What our experts think

”The HG178 is an outstanding instrument which must be seen to be appreciated. It can stand proud against any Japanese grand piano. The old "blind fold" test comes to mind. I would challenge anyone to play this instrument side by side with a Japanese piano. ”

Complimentary tuning after every delivery

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A 10 year warranty is included with this piano

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  • Length:  5 ft. 10” (178 cm)
  • Width: 57.2 in. (145 cm.)
  • Plate: Wet sand cast
  • Hammer Felt: Reinforced German Felt
  • Strings: Röslau (Duplex Scal- ing)
  • #1 Bass String: 45.5 in. (115.7 cm.)
  • Bridges: Hand-notched maple Soundboard Area: 1550
  • Soundboard: All mountain spruce with 15 degree spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and flexibility
  • Pin Block: 18 ply quarter sawn maple
  • Ribs: 12
  • Inner & Outer Rim: Multi- laminate Maple
  • Lid: Bevelled & reinforced Action: Hailun Performance PlusTM design
  • Action Parts: European horn- beam
  • Action Rail: Aluminium with maple core
  • Hammer Rail: Hard Maple, Serrated
  • Keybed: Multi-laminate poplar
  • Keys: Spruce
  • Keytops: High grade Japanese PMMA
  • Pedals: Brass – Full sostenuto


Who are Hailun?

. Founded by Mr Hailun Chen and Mrs Faye Chen in 1986.

. With 20 years of piano manufacturing experience behind them, creating superb affordable pianos.

. The Hailun factory is regarded as the finest and most sophisticated piano production facility in China.

. Hailun are one of the most technologically advanced piano companies in the world, Investing in Japanese and German design and currently using the newest, most advanced machinery and equipment.

. Piano makers such as Zimmerman and C.Bechstein both partner with Hailun Pianos.

. Over 360 European piano dealers, over 80 U.S and over 40 merchants in Japan.

. Heard of Feurich pianos? Feurich has its own production line in the Hailun factory in Ningbo, China.

. Hailun were voted in 2012,2013,2014,2017 acoustic piano line of the year.


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