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Kawai CS8 Customer

Written by Oliver Barker

November 14, 2017

After recently delivering a brand new Kawai CS8 digital piano we had a call from the customer explaining just how over joyed they were with their new purchase. The customer praised how lovely they thought the sound of the Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand was but also asked us how we managed to make our shop display model sound even better, to which we explained.

Top tip* The Kawai Virtual Technican offers a huge palate of settings to help customise the piano to your desired taste. A very simple adjustment can make a massive difference to help enhance the sound even more. Firstly altering the pianos Touch to a Heavy setting. Secondly on the Voicing menu needs to be on Mellow 1. Thirdly the String Resonance we would recommend around number 8 and also finally the Topboard Simulation to Open 2 or Open 1– This setting acts as the Grand Piano lid for example Open 3 | Open 2 | Open 1 | Closed

Whether you are looking for a new digital piano or looking to upgrade from your old piano, the Kawai CS8 ticks all the boxes for the right reasons, stunning cabinet, superb sound and responsive action. Come in and try out the Virtual Technician.

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