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Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos

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Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos

Shigeru Kawai PianoShigeru Kawai Grand Pianos are now in Leeds. The PianoMan has become Northern England's exclusive stockist of these very special pianos. Please visit our new extended showroom and view our impressive range of Shigeru Kawai, RX series, GE series and GM series Kawai grand pianos.

The Shigeru Kawai Piano - a spiritual union of man, nature and art - a union derived from the innate and inexorable desire for harmony.

Of all the musical masterpieces that come forth from Kawai, fewer than one in one hundred will bear the name SHIGERU. Meticulously handcrafted in carefully limited numbers, the SHIGERU piano brings to fruition a century of advancement, knowledge and craftsmanship. It is the culmination of one man's destiny... born to fulfill the lifelong dreams of the pianist.

A Shigeru Kawai grand piano comes from the same advanced origins like every other Kawai instrument. And, nevertheless: the degree and the measure of the used manual labor in every stage of the origin process - often time 5 times more than by a traditional instrument - puts the Shigeru Kawai to grand piano in own class.

The snow-shrouded mountains of Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island, are home to the rare Ezo Spruce. The extreme climate and lofty altitude of Hokkaido produce a wood that is prized for its close, even grain. Available in strictly limited quantities, Ezo Spruce provides exceptional energy transmission and tonal projection. In the language of wood, "kigarashi" means "finding balance through time and nature." In the kigarashi process, solid Ezo Spruce soundboards are allowed to season naturally. The process is arduous and requires much patience. The result is a supremely rich tonal quality that is unsurpassed. Only soundboards that can endure the demanding kigarashi process are deemed worthy of the SHIGERU piano.

Mark Crossland with Mr Kentaro KawaiMore than three decades of research and development have resulted in the most respected piano action available today. The "Millennium III Action" with ABS-Carbon? stands alone in providing the finest combination of strength, stability, precision and reliability. "Shiko Seion" is translated "the highest level of voicing." Shiko Seion hammers are made and voiced entirely by our Master Piano Artisans with a select blend of New Zealand and Australian long-fiber wool. They are hand-pressed, reinforced and formed without artificial hardeners to deliver unmatched dynamics and expression for the artist. "Temaki" literally means "hand-rolled." In the unhurried Temaki process, the artisan patiently directs the winding of each bass string by hand for absolute precision and proper tension, which ensures exquisite tonal depth. The Dual-Pivot design offers the player unparalleled control and responsiveness in proportional pedaling.

Please click here to read a review of Shigeru Kawai by Ken Forrest. Ken is a well known and respected piano tuner and technician here in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. Among his many achievements in the piano world he has built pianos, lectured at Leeds College of Music, restored the Bronte family piano and even travelled to China to advise piano makers. This review is an interesting read and Mark Crossland, The PianoMan Ltd, Leeds, would like to thank Ken for his interest and time in writing it.

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